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Karlee Harris

The Glitter Grimoire - Astrology Expert

My mission for the pursuits under The Glitter Grimoire is to teach others about harnessing the mysterious powers of our vastly expanding universe.

For the last 8 years I have dedicated myself to working with the planets & luminaries around us, in order to better align myself with these powerful guides. As a young child I always felt a strong spiritual connection to the energy surrounding us, especially when looking up into the night sky or at the Sun (even though you're not supposed to). I was a kid and didn't care because the power I felt was amazing. Years later as an adult I learned about astrology, how to tie it into my path, and the true wisdom these ancient deities hold. Now in present day I offer my knowledge - the language of astrology and oracle to the planets - to my community.

During a session with me you can explore various avenues of self-exploration, whether it be via a guided oracle card reading or through one of many of my astrological based offerings in which we explore your birth chart and relationship with the planets, stars, and zodiac signs.

Astrology is an old language that can be decoded to understand the world around us, unlock hidden parts of ourselves, as well as many other practical applications to aid everyday life.

The connection I have as an astrologer can also be utilized to communicate with the planets and powers of the universe as a guided oracle as well.

Whether it be astrology, card reading, or a combination of both - my services can be useful for getting you on the right universal path.

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