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Lynette Kelley

My name is Lynette. I live in Ashby, MA and live with my husband and 17-year-old son and moved to this area in 2020.

I started on my eclectic spiritual path 30 years ago.  I am on broad earth- based path with focuses in Greek, Celtic (Welsh, Irish), Egyptian, Hindu pantheons and Native American culture and spirituality. I have also studied yogic philosophy and will continue learning from these approaches.

In 2008, I started on my Energy Healing path when I learned Usui Reiki and in 2013, I became a Reiki Master Teacher. I found a synergy of my spirituality with energy healing. I am passionate about helping others better their lives.

Lynette is a Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT). In addition to this, ThetaHealing® and Reiki.

She uses all of her passions to enhance her work with tarot reading, oracle reading, pendulum energy work, dousing, crystal healing and music for chakra clearing.

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